Friday, 1 July 2016

Kinderzoo in Rapperswil




Last week with the kids from my work we all went to the Kinderzoo in Rapperswil on a very hot day! Everyone with kids or who works with kids in this area will have been here at least once or twice. I have been quite a few times but realized that this was the first time in 2 years since I was last here and it has changed a bit.

The elephant area is bigger and there is a walkway starting at the giraffe area going up and leads to a restaurant. The famous sea lion show is still on 3 times a day, plus the whale play area and the pirate ship too and a horse drawn carriage going around the whole zoo. There are plenty of opportunities to ride on some of the animals such as the elephant, camels and ponies.

The last time I was here there were still rhinceros to see, but now there are some magnificent cheetahs to watch. Luckily they were prowling around their area, one came right up to the glass and sat there looking at the people. What a fantastic animal! I was glad to see them.

It was a great day, the kids liked playing in the different play areas as is to be expected!

Other animal stuff:

The capybara that escaped from a zoo in Toronto has been recaptured!

We all remember last year when tragically Cecil the lion was killed by an American dentist, now his grandcubs have a chance we hope to survive without this vile trophy hunting!

I like stories like these!

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