Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Red Bull Flying Day

During the summer months there is always lots of stuff to do and see in Zurich, and this was one of them. Red Bull Flying Day which involved 50 teams from all over Switzerland making their own flying machines. They then dress up. give themselves a strange name and before taking off have a dance performance which is all part of the points given on the day.

It was a lovely day not too hot, it was very busy and we got there around 3.30pm. We walked around to find a spot to watch but not so easy to find. We started off in an area just next to where the whole thing was happening. When we looked up we could see the teams taking off and then watch as more often than not the planes just smashed straight into the water.

After a while we went to get some food and then watched from a scream how they all fell into the lake or how some actually flew! One team got a Swiss record (I believe) for flying 55.5m before crashing into the lake.

All in all it was great fun, lots of families with children were there and you could also just sit and bring your own food and drink too if you wanted.

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