Monday, 4 July 2016

Züri Fest 2016

Every 3 years the Züri Fäscht is held which is basically a huge 3 day street party, lots of places to eat, drink, hear music and lots of fun fairs. I did not really see that much of it this year, I only went out on the Saturday and it was raining during the afternoon but it then brightened up in the early evening.

It was quite fascinated with the machine (sorry can`t think of another word to use) in the first 2 photos. Once a upon a time I would have loved to go on it, but now not so sure at all! The screams I heard just from it going up was enough to put me off! Then it drops without the people knowing very fast and stops suddenly at the bottom (thankfully). I watched it for a while andmoved on to watch a helicopter display which was quite cool to see.

The highlight of the evenings was firework displays and on Saturday there were 2 shows, I didn`t see them but from what I saw on facebook it looked really cool.

As I said earlier this event is held every 3 years, in 2013 I missed it completely as I was in Stockholm and in 2010 I only managed to go on a Friday evening as I was also away this time in Rome! So maybe in 2019 I will see more of the Züri fäscht!

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