Monday, 22 August 2016

China Gardens Zurich

The Chinagardens in Zurich is situated near the lake at Zurichhorn, easily reachable by tram numbers 2 and 4.

The gardens were a present from the Chinese partner city of Kunming, it is regarded as one of the more impressive gardens outside of China. The gardens opened in 1994 with the theme Three Friends of Winter, it was given in thanks for the help with the technical and scientific assistance in the development of the city drinking water supply and drainage in Kunming.

I went there at the beginning of August as a trip with the children from work, it did not take very long as the kids were inevitably bored! It was very peaceful and a place to reflex in quietness. The children were in fact very good and hardly made any noise, but we did not stay that long. It is not that big so it doesn`t take that long to look around, there is a small palace with two rooms and some furniture.

Once it enough to visit, this was my third and more than likely my last visit! If you have not seen these lovely gardens I would recommend to see at least once!

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