Monday, 1 August 2016

F1 German GP

This Sunday I went to the F1 German GP in Hockenheim with Niki! We drive on the day of the race as I thought it was manageable, it is but only just! We left at 9am and still only got to our seats with like 5 mins before the race begin. Hockenheim is situated between Karlsruhe and Mannheim and there was lots of traffic jams which made us late. Once we parked and managed to find our way to the venus we found out our seats were 1.5km walk so off we went rather quickly

Once seated and the race began, it was really still very loud! There were changes to the engines to make them less noisy a couple of years ago but they are still extremely loud! God only know how loud they were about 5 years ago!

It was really exciting and from our viewpoint we could see quite a lot, the winner was Lewis Hamilton. Once the race was over lots of people run over to see the prize giving, which we could see from the big screen. It was definitely worth well seeing, being there and getting the whole experience.

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