Friday, 5 August 2016

July Reading List

The reading for July was only 4 books and in fact I thought it would be even less as one book took nearly 2 weeks which is quite a lot for me!

Istanbul Passage by Joseph Kanon, this is the book which took ages! I cannot really say why it took me ages to read. I did enjoy it but it was not gripping enough though. Set in Istanbul just after WWII finished it tell the tale of espionage and murder. I have been to Istanbul so it was also interesting to read the descriptions of the city.

The Unexpected Inheritance of Inspector Chopra by Vassem Khan, this book I can include into my reading challenge as it is set in India. I enjoyed this book a lot, it is quite light-hearted and easy to read. It is the first in the series and I would read some more!

Keep The Midnight Out by Alex Gray, another in the series of DCI Lormier and this time it is set in the Isle of Mull. I have now going to Isle of Mull in October when I visit my family back in Scotland so it was interesting to read about it! I like this series a lot and I read in one day!

Raw Material by JJ Marsh, DI Beatrice Stubbs again solving crime in Wales and London, this is the second book I believe and there is another out which I will read at some point in time. I also liked this novel, easy to read and not too heavy material!

I am finally going on holiday today and am very happy about it! I am really looking forward to explore The Azores, 9 islands in the Atlantic Ocean. We are going to the biggest one Sao Miguel and we will also be visiting Porto!

some travel links:

The Olympics are beginning today, no doubt that Rio de Janerio is a fantastic city here are some photos

If I could take my son to see this museum I would! Roald Dahl

Walking tours can be interesting, here are some alternative ones!

I should be reading up on this guide to Porto!

Happy Reading!

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