Friday, 16 September 2016

August Reading List

August reading list has only 4 books, I feel that I did read another book but cannot think what it was!

First up is Murder on Page Three by Ella Griffiths, set in Oslo the main character Karin is a writer trying to write a crime novel, but not having much luck. The next door neighbours are away in their holiday house when an old lady come to the door Karin`s door and says she is the aunt of the neighbour. Saying that she has forgotten her key ask if Karin could let her in, she does so and does not think anything of it. Later on her neighbour returns home and finds the old lady dead and goes over to see Karin. The begins the police investigation into the death and Karin is very much a part of it all. I did enjoy the book, it certainly kept me going to the end!

Stolen Souls by Stuart Neville, set in Northern Ireland sees Inspector Jack Lennon called in to the murder of a Lithuanian gangster in Belfast. It is a story about sex-trafficking, a girl from Ukraine is lurked to NI to work with kids but ends up in a brothel, she manages to escape by killing the evil gangster, but ends up with an even crazier person. This is the third novel of DI lennon, it was a good novel and may try to read the other ones at some point in time.

The Black Rose of Florence by Michele Giuttari, as the title implies set in Florence follows Chief Superintdendant Michele Ferrara. A woman has been found dead with a black rose on her, it touches on devil worship and the occult. I have read a few from this series and they are always a good read.

The Secret Life and Curious Death of Miss Jean Milne by Andrew Nicol, now I bought this book as a present for my mother at Christmas. Since she tends to take a while to read books I read it first. This particular book is quite interesting as it is the story of a murder which took place in the street with my parents live in Brought Ferry. This is a true story which happened in 1912 and to this day remains unsolved. In the book we find out who was the murderer but it is a fictional character, but is was a great read!

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  1. He's actually not a fictional character but the publishers asked me to change his name.
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