Monday, 19 September 2016

Geneva Jet d`Eau

The weekend we had in Geneva seems ages ago, when in fact it was only the weekend before the last. Probably because I have been at home all last week and will continue to be this week also due to my small accident with my foot, everything goes slow!

Anyway we had a great time in Geneva and of all the sights to see in the city the water jet (Jet d`Eau) remains my favorite one. It was installed in 1886 a bit more downstream from it present location, then in 1891 it was moved to where it is now. Since 2003 is operates during the day all year, except in frost and very windy weather.

In the evening my father and I went out for walk and we went to see the jet. It was illuminated red and looked pretty cool! We went right up to it as did many other people and took some photos!

Have a great week folks!

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