Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Photo of the Week - Independence!

While in Ponte Delgada this summer we saw lots of fantastic street art, which I have already posted about.

Behind this photo is a bit of story, while we were on one of our tours of the island we had a guide who was from the Azores. He was very nice and was able to give us lots of information about the island and the Azores in general. While we were having our lunch the whole group got talking about politics as you do! We touched on the subject of Scottish independence and the group made their views known. The guide asked if we had seen the street art in the town about independence, we of course said we had seen it. He explained that that was his father, he mentioned also that there is a group that would like to see the Azores become independent!

It is always very interesting the people who you meet and talk to when you are travelling!

This Thursday see the start of the Zurich Film Festival, the tickets have been on sale for over a week and basically all the films which have the actors coming are sold out. I have tickets to see American Pastoral directed by Ewan McGregor (he will be here plus his co-star Jennifer Conelly) and War on Everyone directed by John Michael McDonagh (Alexander Skarsgard will be here OMG!!).

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