Monday, 12 September 2016

Youth Training in Letzigrund

Alessio got a chance to meet and train with some of the athletics stars who were going to be at the Diamond League in Zurich on 1st September.

It was quite by chance that he got chosen, I registered him and he was randomly chosen to participate. He was quite excited to go and a little nervous too!

We got there on Tuesday 30th August around 5pm and waited for the gates to open, once through we waited for the stars to arrive. All the children were put into groups and were able to train with two of the athletics.

The first training session was with Jenny Spanovic Serbian the triple jumper and the second one was with Ajla del Ponte Swiss relay runner. He enjoyed both sessions.

Afterwards all the kids got chances to get the autographs from the athletics, Alessio was on a mission to get them all. He got 10 autographs and was a bit miffed he could not get them all.

This was a fantastic chance to meet some of the Olympic champions from Rio 2016.

This weekend I was in Geneva with my parents just for the weekend and it was a lovely time, but sadly nearing the end of the weekend I tripped going down a ramp and hurt my foot. Now I have to wear an ankle support when I walk around and have two weeks off work for it to heal!

Goodness the things that happen to you! Wishing you all a great week!

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