Friday, 28 October 2016

365 Photo Challenge Days 8 to 16

Day 8: Saturday 15th October - Waiting for our flight to Edinburgh

Day 9: Sunday 16th October - Traditional Sunday breakfast at my parents

Day 10: Monday 17th October - Coffee and cake in St.Andrews

Day 11: Tuesday 18th October - Loch Earnhead

Day 12: Wednesday 19th October - Ferry over to Isle of Mull

Day 13: Thursday 20th October - Views on Mull

Day 14: Friday 21st October - Alessio outside St.Conan`s Kirk

Day 15: Saturday 22nd October - Autumn berries

Day 16: Sunday 23rd October - View before going on Forth Road Bridge

Trying to get up to date with the 365 Photo challenge, so far so good! This weekend I guess most people will be celebrating Halloween. I will be going out with some friends and Alessio will do the trick or treating on Monday!

What have you all got planned for Halloween?

Have a great weekend!

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