Monday, 21 November 2016

Pavilion of Reflections

During the summertime here in Zurich there was something called Manifesta 11, it is a non-profit organization based in Amsterdam. It stands for The European Biennial of Contemporary of Art, this was the 11th year and it was held in Zurich. There were a number of events on over the summer period, the focal point was the Pavilion of Reflections which was an island on Lake Zurich. It was made in co-operation by 30 architectural students from the EFH Zurich. led by Studio Tom Emerson.

It had an open- air cinema, a swimming pool, a bar/cafe, areas to sit and meet other people. During the whole summer you had to pay an entrance fee, but once Manifesta 11 was over the Zurich Film Festival took it over and aired free movies. I visited it on the second last day to see what it was like inside, I had a coffee and sat for a while watching what was on the screen.

It was certainly an interesting building and a good place to have as a central meeting area. I have to say that I did not go to any of the events that were on over the period, so cannot comment on that.

It was one of the many events that took place in Zurich over the summertime!

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