Friday, 25 November 2016

Postcards of Porto Part 2

So awhile back I posted the first part of our trip to Porto in August, so here is the last part. We ended up in Porto after our week in the Azores with my father. This is a gorgeous city and well worth a trip. We planned to do a day trip to Coimbra but unfortunately I did not plan it so well, so we did not make it.  Here are the other things we did:

1) We visited Porto Cathedral, it is one of the city`s oldest monuments

2) Sao Bento Train Station, you might think why would you visit a train station apart from to leave the city but this train is beautiful. The historical station is know for it tiles (azulejo) which depicts scenes of the history of Portugal.

3) The Serralves Museum, this was a lovely museum and it had a great big park. In the park there were sculptures to find which of course Alessio liked to do!

4) Hop on/off bus this is normally not what I do, but for one day we thought and Alessio really wanted to go on it too!

5) The fantastic houses/flats with there coloured walls and balconies which I really liked to see

6) Port tasting, I really wanted to do this but with Alessio I decided not too. So the next time I visit Porto that will be on my list.

So if you have not been to this city then you really must, it is beautiful!

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