Monday, 5 December 2016

365 Photo Challenge 41 to 48

Day 41: Friday 18th November - Evening Sky

Day 42: Saturday 19th November - Sunny Day in Zurich

Day 43: Sunday 20th November - My travel mags

Day 44: Monday 21st November - After work treat

Day 45: Tuesday 22nd November - Walking around Au

Day 46: Wednesday 23rd November - Wild Mushrooms

Day 47:Thursday 24th November - Christmas Plant

Day 48: Friday 25th November - Grittibänz

Hope you all had a great weekend! I went to a Christmas party at a friend`s and it was lovely. Lots of people I have not seen for ages and good food!

On Sunday I went to see the movie Deepwater Horizon which I really enjoyed and do very much recommend!

Here are more information about the oil spill:

Oil spill from the Deepwater Horizon

What happened on the oil platform

Have a great week!

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