Monday, 19 December 2016

365 Photo Challenge Days 49 to 58

Day 49: Saturday 26th November - Christmas market

Day 50: Sunday 27th November - Again the Christmas market

Day 51: Monday 28th November - Alessio chose his advent calender

Day 52: Tuesday 29th November - Dinner made by my mother in law

Day 53: Wednesday 30th November - View from Kilchberg

Day 54: Thursday 1st December - Soft toy from work

Day 55: Friday 2nd December - Sock Christmas tree

Day 56: Saturday 3rd December - Chocolate factory lights

Day 57: Sunday 4th December - Opera house lit up

Day 58: Monday 5th December - Getting ready for St Nicholas

It is hard to believe that it is very nearly Christmas Day! I have done all the present buying and this year I have not sent out any Christmas cards (sorry). Alessio is with his dad for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day, I will spend Christmas Day with my friend Nadine, her family and friends.

This weekend I finally saw the movie The Girl on the Train, while I had already read the book so knew what the outcome would be, I still enjoyed it.

I Visited the Christmas market at Bellevue twice this weekend and will be there again tomorrow evening. It has some great food stalls and not to mention the mulled wine!

Wishing you all a great week!

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