Friday, 23 December 2016

Animals on Mull and Iona

Our trip to the Isle of Mull and Isle of Iona was just amazing, and on top of that we saw lots of animals. There were sheep everywhere and not at all bothered with cars and the like passing them by. In fact they walked by the side of the road, in the middle of the road and crossed the road whenever!

On our way back from Iona we passed a big group of ducks that once we had parked and I tried to take photos they all went on their merry way.

The cow in the last photo was one of the best it just carried on walking in spite of us driving very slowly behind it. In fact I think we were all a bit nervous as there were many cows on either side of the road. But everything ended well and we passed without incident!

Today is the last school day for Alessio and later on today we will drop by the Christmas market at Bellevue and have something to eat, then we will catch the new Star Wars movie.

Happy Christmas to everyone!

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