Friday, 27 January 2017

365 Photo Challenge - Days 88 to 95

Day 88: Wednesday 4th January - deep red flower

Day 89: Thursday 5th January - garden at work

Day 90: Friday 6th January - hedge outside kitchen window

Day 91: Saturday 7th Jan - Football trophy Alessio won

Day 92: Sunday 8th Jan - My car covered in snow 

Day 93: Monday 9th Jan - Birthday present from Arlene

Day 94: Tuesday 10th - Food made my ex mother in law

Day 95: Wednesday 11th Jan - Au peninsula

The weekend is starting, hope you all have some lovely plans! I will go with Alessio to see La La Land, not so sure he will like it though! As for the rest of the weekend we will see if the sun is still shining on Sunday maybe go out for a walk somewhere!

Have a great weekend!

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