Friday, 20 January 2017

Nou Camp Barcelona

The highlight of our trip to Barcelona was without a doubt the visit to Nou Camp, which as you all know is the home ground of FC Barcelona. I have wanted to come here and see FC Barcelona play for a long time, as has Alessio (but maybe not for so long as me!) Finally last September I decided to buy tickets for the match against Las Palmas.

Getting to the stadium is quick easy and we knew where to go as it was extremely busy! We eventually found our entrance area and had a short wait for the gates to open. I had tickets for the back of the north goal and midway up the stadium, so we could see what was happening at the other side but not too high that all the player would look tiny!

We arrived one hour before the match started as I wanted to get to our seats and savour the stadium getting busy. The capacity of the stadium is 99,354 and is the largest stadium in Europe! While it certainly wasn`t completely full it certainly looked by match start to be pretty full and according to stats the attendance was 81,480!

The Las Palmas players came out to warm up and eventually came the Barcelona players and a huge cheer erupted from the stadium. Alessio and myself are also big Messi fans (hence the many photos of him) so we were trying to figure where he was during the warm up!

The only goal in the first half came from Suarez, the second half action was right at our goal and we were very pleased that they scored another 4 goals. Not to mention that Messi scored one of them, it was a thrilling match and they could have scored more in fact.

Towards the end of the match the whole stadium erupted into the Mexican wave and that was pretty dam awesome to see!

The whole experience was amazing and Alessio would like to see another match and me too! So hopefully next season we will go again to see FC Barcelona play!

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