Monday, 20 February 2017

Random photos of Zurich and the Lake!

After our return from Iceland, Alessio and I continued to keep ourselves busy these past days in Zurich.

Thursday we were happy to see the sun and blue skies which we sorely missed while we were in Iceland. Therefore we went to St Josep park which is next to the Viaduct shopping area, this is one of our favorite parks. Alessio always finds kids he can play football with at this and there is also when the weather gets better a kiosk opens to keep the parents happy with food and drink while their kids are playing.

Friday we went to see a very good film called A Monster Call, it is quite sad so bring some hankies with you.

Saturday Alessio went away for a skiing holiday with his father, so I went for a lovely facial and saw the movie Lion with my friend Arlene. This is a fantastic movie and utterly recommend it!

Finally on Sunday again we had some nice weather and I decided to go for a walk by the lake from Kilchberg down just past Thalwil.

Have a great week!

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