Friday, 10 March 2017

365 Photo Challenge Days 118 to 129

Day 118: Friday 3rd Feb - Dinner time

Day 119: Saturday 4th Feb - Tram in Zurich

Day 120: Sunday 5th Feb - Snow capped mountain from Zurich

Day 121: Monday 6th Feb - Alessio painted this! Proud mum!

Day 122: Tuesday 7th Feb - Walk at the lake

Day 123: Wednesday 8th Feb - Travelling bug!

Day 124: Thursday 9th Feb - Reading in bed!

Day 125: Friday 10th Feb - Posters in the city

Day 126: Saturday 11th Feb - Dinner in Iceland

Day 127: Sunday 12th Feb - Sign in Reykjavik

Day 128: Monday 13th Feb - Icelandic landscape

Day 129: Tuesday 14th Feb - Alessio and the troll!
I am a bit behind on the photo challenge, so here is the latest batch of photos! The last couple of days we have had no internet, but all is good now thank goodness! It just shows me how much I count on it for checking out what is happening in the world!

Have a great weekend!

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