Friday, 31 March 2017

365 Photo Challenge Days 140 to 149

Day 140: Sunday 26th Feb - My muse!

Day 141: Monday 27th Feb - Snowdrops in the garden

Day 142: Tuesday 28th Feb - Caught on camera

Day 143: Wed 1st March - We see the musical Mary Poppins

Day 144: Thursday 2nd March - More birds

Day 145: Friday 3rd March - Central Zurich

Day 146: Saturday 4th March - Bedtime

Day 147: Sunday 5th March - Fasnacht Zurich

Day 148:  Monday 6th March - Fasnacht Wädenswil

Day 149: Tuesday 7th March - Monthly travel mag!

The weeks just seem to go like crazy at the moment, and it is practically April! I guess April will pass quite quickly too with Easter in the middle and at the end of the month a trip to Croatia!

Anyway this weekend sees Alessio playing another football match and then on Sunday a drive to Schaffhausen to see my in laws!

Have  a lovely weekend!

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