Sunday, 30 April 2017

365 Photo Challenge Days 168 to 177!

Day 168: Sunday 26th March - My growing tulips

Day 169: Monday 27th March - Alessio made this recycled bowl

Day 170: Tuesday 28th March - Sunsetting while waiting for Alessio

Day 171: Wednesday 29th March - Daffodils

Day 172: Thursday 30th March - My new water bottle

Day 173: Friday 31st March - Chocolate bunnies

Day 174: Saturday 1st April - My tulips blooming

Day 175: Sunday 2nd April - Family time

Day 176: Monday 3rd April - Easter bun!

Day 177: Tuesday 4th April - More flowers!
Alessio and I are just back from our trip to Croatia and Montenegro, we all had a great time and photos will follow.

We did have an adventure getting back to Zurich though, it started with a 9 hour delay because of bad weather in Dubrovnik. Finally arrived in Vienna around 11.15pm, since most of the passengers were also transfering to other flights which they missed too, we all got new tickets for new flights. Then we waited for everyone to collect luggage and we all walked to a bus to take us to a hotel for the night. One would expect it to be nearby, but no Austrian Airlines decides to take us to a hotel over 70km from the bloody airport. By this time it is passed 1am and we still need to get our rooms, finally around 1.30am Alessio and I can have a rest. The bus back to the airport comes at 5am so really only 3 hours sleep, sadly I did not have an alarm therefore along with two other people we missed the bus back to the airport. Slightly in a panic as my flight should board at 7am, we manage to get a taxi and he drives (thankfully) like a madman and we arrive at 6.40am at Vienna airport. Run through the security and made it to the gate in time!

Hope you all have a lovely Monday!

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