Saturday, 6 May 2017

Isle of Mull

Duart Castle, seen from the ferry

Calgary Bay

Scenery on the way to Iona

Ardmeanach penisula

This could be Ben More (not sure though)

Last year we went on a four day trip to the Isle of Mull, which is the second largest island of the Inner Hebrides and Scotland`s fourth largest Island. The population of the island is around 2,800 which does increase during the summer months with tourists.

We were staying in Tobermory, which is the capital of the island and is a very colorful town! We visited Calgary Bay, which is 12 miles from Tobermory.  A Colonel James Macleod from the North -West Mounted police who was a summer guest at Calgary House in 1876, returned to Canada and suggested the name for Fort Calgary which give rise to the city of Calgary, Alberta. The beach has lovely sand and the area is surrounded by steep hills, Alessio and my father did a bit of paddling and shell collecting. Nearby there is a lovely arts and craft cafe where we stopped to sample their delights!

We also visited the island of Iona and to get there we passed more amazing landscape, barren, sparse and hills. The road took us pass Loch Scridain, which is the largest sea loch on the island and gave us more fantastic views, such as the Ardmeanach penisula. On the way back we stopped at Pennyghael, a hamlet for coffee and cake. To return to Tobermory we took a different road back which was a bit hair-raising at times, as they are single road tracks!We got views of the island of Ulva which was breathtaking. Finally we made it to Tobermory!

This summer we will be visiting some more Scottish islands Lewis and Harris, plus North and South Uist! Definitely looking forward to see more of my homeland!

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