Monday, 29 May 2017

Postcards from Dubrovnik Part 1

Hope you all had a lovely long holiday weekend! Alessio and I had a super time in Paris, but more about that another time!

During the spring holidays we went to Dubrovnik, Croatia along with my parents for just under one week. Dubrovnik is a lovely old city and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are many churches, museums, fortresses to visit and there are many steps around the city so be prepared to climb! The city is surrounded by walls which you can walk along, it is 2km. We did this and you get awesome views of roof tops, the coast and of Lokrum island. There are some cafe/bars to stop for refreshments if you are feeling a bit puffed out!

There are many possibilities for day trips, there are many islands to visit, but because the sea was a bit choppy we never managed to go on any. You can visit Bosnia, Montenegro and other cities in Croatia which are all worth doing.

Dubrovnik is a very popular place and even in April it was quite busy, so if you visit in the summer months be prepared for loads of visitors.

It is another long weekend coming up and I am going to Helsinki with two friends Hannah and Riikka!

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