Thursday, 1 June 2017

Palace of Versailles and Garden!

Last weekend Alessio and I visited Paris, we did two day trips and one was to the Palace of Versailles. The train journey was just over 30mins to Versailles train station and then a 15min walk to the palace itself. Once we got into the grounds we were then horrified to see the longest queue I have ever seen and that was in spite of having bought tickets online. We then queued for over 1.5 hours in the blazing sun.

The Palace of Versailles was the official residence of the Kings of France from 1682 to 1790. It was originally a hunting lodge built in 1624 by Louis XIII. It is a huge complex and you really need the whole day to see it all especially when you have to queue for so long to get in. The gardens were co- designed by André le Nötre, who was considered the greatest landscape architect in France. There is so much to see in garden also, and if you are not exhausted from walking around the palace, you will be after the garden. The movie called A Little Chaos is about Versailles and its garden, it does not get a good review but may be worth seeing for setting!

I was a bit disappointed with the whole visit, this was a place I had really wanted to see for a long time. I did of course know that there would be lots of queuing and waiting but still even in the palace itself it was packed. I would still recommend a visit but maybe not in the summer, I guess all year round it will be busy but maybe a bit less in the other seasons!

Have a great long weekend!

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