Monday, 17 July 2017

365 Photo Challenge Days 231 to 240

Sunday 28th May: Day 231 - Walking into Zurich

Monday 29th May: Day 232 - Goodies bought in Paris

Tuesday 30th May: Day 233 - Book

Wednesday 31st May: Day 234- Drama, police helicopter

Thursday 1st June: Day 235 - Packing for Helsinki

Friday 2nd June: Day 236 - Evening in Helsinki

Saturday 3rd June: Day 237- Porvoo

Sunday 4th June: Day 238 - Helsinki Military Day

Monday 5th June: Day 239 - Temppeliaukio Church Helsinki

Tueday 6th June: Day 240 - Bought this in Helsinki

Well the summer holidays have started and Alessio has flown to Italy for two weeks, that means I have two free weeks too!! Yes but hold on, I do have to work though!

I have not got much plans for the weekend, hopefully catch up on any movies I have missed this past month. Maybe drinks with friends, who knows!!

Have a great week!!

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