Friday, 21 July 2017

Beautiful Barcelona!

Casa Batlo

Casa Pedrera

Sagrada Familia

Plaza Real

Park Ciutadella

Agbar Tower


Beach at Barceloneta

In January Alessio and I took our first trip of the year to beautiful Barcelona, we had a fantastic time and saw lots of the city.

The famous buildings of Casa Batlo and Casa Pedrera by the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi are just amazing we did not go in, as to be honest it was rather expensive and also Alessio was not interested in it. I would definitely go on another visit.

We also visited the Sagrada Familia which is also designed by Antoni Gaudi, is a huge Roman Catholic Church. It was pretty amazing inside. Of course we visited Camp Nou to see FC Barcelona play Las Palmas on Saturday afternoon and they won of course!

We wondered around the old centre of Barcelona, Barri Gotic, looking at all the amazing buildings and stopping for food and drink. We also visited the Park Ciutadella for a while, so Alessio could run around for a bit.

On our final day we visited the Maritime Museum as I thought this would entertain Alessio for a while and afterwards we wondered to the Barceloneta beach and Alessio dipped his feet in the sea. It had been such wonderful weather the whole long weekend.

It was a great trip!

Have a lovely weekend!

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