Saturday, 26 August 2017

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

The first week of school is over and so is my first week back at work!! Glad it is the weekend, the football training has started again so have the matches every weekend.

Back to our holidays in Scotland and the first weekend I went to Edinburgh with my sister Elena and husband Mark. During the month of August it is Fringe Festival so the city is teeming with more visitors than usual. I was very happy to go as I had not been to the Fringe for many many years. We had two events booked, the first was called The Art and Science of Gin Making. Over the last couple of years I have taken a liking to gin as has my sister so we were both quite excited about this. It lasted one hour and we got 2 G&Ts and we tasted some other ones. It was quite interesting to hear the history about gin making in Edinburgh.

Wondering through the city you get given lots of flyers for shows and most of them are free. If we had had more time we all would have liked to go and see some. You could easily spend a whole month here visiting the shows, exhibitions, museums and later on in the month comes the book festival. There were many great authors coming that I would have liked to have seen!

In the evening we went to see the Scottish comedian Frankie Boyle, (if you are a bit sensitive you maybe some jokes you won`t like) he was really funny and on many occasions quite shocking and outrageous. It was a sold out event.

The next day we wondered around Edinburgh for a bit before heading back home. It was a super weekend! If you ever get the chance to go to the fringe festival you should!!

Have a great weekend!!

Sunday, 20 August 2017

365 Photo Challenge Days 253 to 264

Day 253: Monday 19th June - Stained glass window

Day 254: Tuesday 20th June - Football training

Day 255: Wednesday 21st June - Last match of the season

Day 256: Thursday 22nd June- My new best friend

Day 257: Friday 23rd June - decided to buy sunflowers

Day 258: Saturday 24th June - Catholic Church in Kilchberg

Day 259: Sunday 25th June - We visited the MFO Park

Day 260: Monday 26th June - The new thing for kids

Day 261: Tuesday 27th June - Gift from a parent

Day 262: Wednesday 28th June - Coffee and donut time!

Day 263: Thursday 29th June - just love these!

Day 264: Friday 30th June - This book is really good!

We came back from Scotland yesterday and have already unpacked and tidied our stuff away. I cannot believe the school holidays are over and Alessio will start 5th class tomorrow!!

We had a wonderful time in Scotland and visited lots and lots of places, Edinburgh, Western Isles and many towns along the coast in Fife. As you can imagine have taken lots of photos!

For now it is back the usual routine work, school for Alessio, football training twice a week, and start to plan his 11th birthday party. This week we will go to the IAAF Diamond League Athletics on Thursday evening, Mo Farah is will be runnning!

Have a good Sunday!!

Friday, 4 August 2017

365 Photo Challenge Days 241 to 252

Day 241: Wednesday 7th June - Alessio at training

Day 242: Thursday 8th June - cards from Finland

Day 243: Friday 9th June - present

Day 244: Saturday 10th June - at Park in Green

Day 245: Sunday 11th June - Drawing on the ground in Zurich

Day 246: Monday 12th June - Watching Walking Dead

Day 247: Tuesday 13th June - Travel guide

Day 248: Wednesday 14th June- Very good book!

Day 249: Thursday 15th June - on the ipad

Day 250: Friday 16th June - Giant swan in Zurich

Day 251: Saturday 17th June - Open air opera

Day 252: Sunday 18th June - Lake Zurich

It has been ages since I did a post on the photo challenge so here is one! Today we fly to Scotland and just doing last minute things around the place.

Looking forward to our trip, weekend in Edinburgh at the Fringe, one week in the Outer Hebrides and a few days here and there!

Have a lovely weekend!!

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

June Reading List

I seemed to have missed the June reading list so here goes, I only managed 5 books in June. I got two for my letter reading challenge, which is going well.

The Lauras by Sara Taylor
The Girl In The Ice by Lotte and Sorien Hammer
My Name is Lucy Barton by Elizabeth Stout
This Must Be The Place by Maggie O´Farrell
The Sorrows of an American by Siri Hustvedt

I really enjoyed all these books, the two for my reading challenge were the letter H and S.

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