Friday, 4 August 2017

365 Photo Challenge Days 241 to 252

Day 241: Wednesday 7th June - Alessio at training

Day 242: Thursday 8th June - cards from Finland

Day 243: Friday 9th June - present

Day 244: Saturday 10th June - at Park in Green

Day 245: Sunday 11th June - Drawing on the ground in Zurich

Day 246: Monday 12th June - Watching Walking Dead

Day 247: Tuesday 13th June - Travel guide

Day 248: Wednesday 14th June- Very good book!

Day 249: Thursday 15th June - on the ipad

Day 250: Friday 16th June - Giant swan in Zurich

Day 251: Saturday 17th June - Open air opera

Day 252: Sunday 18th June - Lake Zurich

It has been ages since I did a post on the photo challenge so here is one! Today we fly to Scotland and just doing last minute things around the place.

Looking forward to our trip, weekend in Edinburgh at the Fringe, one week in the Outer Hebrides and a few days here and there!

Have a lovely weekend!!

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