Sunday, 23 September 2012

August Books and Films

So I just realised that I had not posted the books and films for the month of August, so here goes.

I saw 3 films they included Total Recall with Colin Farrel and Jessica Biel. Remake of the film which starred Arnold Schwarznegger back in 1990, I enjoyed the new version very much and I always like to see Colin Farrell too!

I also saw Prometheus directed by Ridley Scott, it stars Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace. I have to say it was quite weird with some gory scenes too, certainly not one of my favorites films.

Lastly I saw The Dark Knight Rises - batman 3 which I really enjoyed. Christian Bale is very good as batman and all the other characters were also good. I also liked how you did not expect Marion Cotillard to be the bad person!

As regards to books I managed only 3 this month the first was called Death Comes to Pemberly by P D James. I liked this a lot, Darcy and Elizabeth live in Pemberly and someone gets murdered. It includes all the characters from the original book including the bad Mr Wickham and his annoying wife Lydia.

Then I read the final book in the Fifty Shades trilogy, called Fifty Shades of Freed, not as good as the other two, to be honest.

Then finally I read The Hidden Child by Camilla Lachberg, a Swedish crime writer this is my first novel by her I have another one to read. This is her 5th book so I have read out of order, I have a lot to catch up on! A thriller set in a Swedish town called Fjällbacka, it delves into Sweden during WWII, and Neo-Nazi stuff.

Anyone got some good recommendations for books or films?

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