Sunday 24 October 2021

Fashion Show in Milan


Hello friends, the last weekend in September I went to Milan with some friends. The main reason was that one of my friends is a photographer and she was going to take photos of the fashion show of Italian designer Francesca Liberatore.

I was super excited to see a fashion show as it is next to impossible to see one, it was held in the Space cinema, which is basically next to the famous Duomo. It was a really great place to hold a fashion show. 

The music, models and clothes were all really fabulous and I really enjoyed myself. It lasts about 15mins and rather hard to take any decent photos, but I tried.

Afterwards some of the models were hanging around outside the cinema and some of the photographers were taking their photos and talking to them.

I hope you are all well and had a lovely weekend. It's crazy to think it is nearly November. Next weekend the clocks go back a hour, something I don't always remember.

Take care, Emma

Saturday 18 September 2021

Erlenbach Art in the Park


Hello again! I now work in Erlenbach, which is on the other side of the lake and I also take public transport. I hardly use my car anymore!

In the Rössli Park in Erlenbach, at the moment there are the above art installations. There is information about the art piece. I am now sure what to think about these pieces to be honest. But is it nice to be able to experience art outside and not have to pay an entrance fee.

In other news I am trying to plan or think about holidays and hope to goodness that Covid does not spoil them. I am slowly feeling the need to visit new places. Next weekend I will be going to Milan with some friends. I am starting small with trips just now.

Anyway hope you are having a lovely weekend!  Enjoy!


Monday 26 July 2021

A Few Days in Lugano

Hello again, it has been a while! During the spring holidays, Alessio and I hot footed it down to Lugano. I have been there on numerous occasions, but it is a beautiful place to see. We took the train down on a Sunday and caught a bus to our hotel.

Since right next to the hotel was the Monte San Salvatore Funicular, we decided to go up. Monte San Salvatore is 912m above sea level and has wonderful views of Lugano, the lake, and the mountains. We also had our lunch there at the restaurant Vetta. We had a short wonder around and Alessio went up to see the church and the higher views.

Once back down we walked the promenade, the views of Lugano surrounded by the hills are quite dramatic. As it was quite a hot day, we retreated back to the hotel for a rest. Later on we went out to find a place for dinner and then a night walk by the lake.

The next day was quite overcast and a bit rainy, so we took a boat trip and got off at Gandria and decided to walk back to Lugano. It takes about one hour but it is a lovely walk. Gandria is situated on the northern shore of Lake Lugano. It has lots of stairs and narrow alleyways, it is very charming and it is definitely worth a visit.

Once back in Lugano we looked for restaurant for lunch and had another walk around the town again. There is lots street art so we decided to try to look for it. We found 5 or 6, I really enjoy seeing street art. We also noticed lots of beautiful and colourful flower displays. 

Tuesday dawned and it was a much rainy day than Monday, I mentioned to Alessio we visit the dreaded M word, museum and an art museum at that and he said no thanks! So we decided to head back to Zurich once we checked out.

All and all it was nice and short trip away and the first once since last August. I have since had two more short trips to Lausanne and Montreux, which I will hopefully post about at a later date.

Hope you all had a good start to the week!


Thursday 29 April 2021

Flowers in Bloom

I can safely say that I have taken loads of flower photos. This is just a selection of some of them. Spring is certainly a great season for flowers after the dreary winter where there are not some many flowers to see. I just love to see the colourful displays around. The bottom two photos are from Wädenswil and this garden was really lovely.

I have this week off and we returned from a short break in Lugano on Tuesday where we got one nice day, but not much we can do about the weather. I will do a post about that trip, but suffice to say the flower displays were really fantastic.

Happy mid week