Thursday, 6 September 2012

Zurich Theater Spektakel

As summer passes another event has finished, just one week ago Zurich Theater Spektakel which took place next to the lake at the Landiwiese. It is a mixture of ticketed performances and free street artists performing to get the crowds going! I try to go at least twice but this year only managed to go once on a Monday early evening with Alessio.

There is usually lots to do for kids they normally like to see the street artists we saw two and Alessio enjoyed them both. One was from Chile he did stuff with fire and riding on an unicycle and other was a pair doing modern dance.

We ate pizza in one of the many restaurants, there was also a small carousel for children and a play area with dressing up clothes and old toys. The kids can also have popcorn, ice creams and drinks, it was cool and of course the parents can sit and relax a bit!

So if you have not been before then I do recommend but of course now you must wait another year! Wishing everyone a great weekend!

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  1. I never knew this was going on in Zürich! I must have missed it 2 years in a row then :-( Must keep a look out for it next year, is it always at the same date?