Saturday, 24 November 2012

Hiking in Chamonix Area

Back in September we had a long weekend in Chamonix with my parents, on the second day we decided to do a hike. We took the bus to Servoz, had breakfast in a hotel and then started our hike back to Chamonix.

We had really wonderful weather the whole weekend, the path itself was windy and bumpy. We were not the only people with the same idea, also there were lots of bikers on this path.

Dotted along the path there numbers which Alessio enjoyed finding, not sure what they were for though. There were lots of fallen trees and rocks along the path. Now and then we got views of the mountains, but mainly it was trees, plants and rocks.

We suddenly came across at a camp which had kiosk, so we had a coffee, it was really busy and people had brought there own food and were having picnics. Nearby was a stream and kids were playing in that, Alessio run off to investigate a little.

We passed by a golf course and came to the village just before Chamonix where we had our lunch. We were all really hungry but it took ages to get our order taken and then even longer to receive it. Next to the restaurant was this really lovely church. Once our lunch was finished we took the bus back and headed back to the hotel for a rest.

A really nice hike in a beautiful region, certainly would be interesting to see it all covered in snow!

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  1. Yup. Chamonix is a an ideal region where you can spend short breaks or adventure hikes. Spending time with your loved ones here is also a good thing. Thanks for sharing.