Friday, 7 December 2012

New Shoe Store in Zurich!

Back around mid november I was in Zurich meeting my friend Arlene, we met outside this new shoe store called NÃO.  We talked to the owner and he gave us some information about this brand of shoe. It is in a really nice part of Zurich which I like to walk around, the store used to be an antique jewellers.  

The brand is NÃO Do Brazil and the shoes are made in an area in Brazil called Minas Gervais and each shoe is hand crafted and hand sewn, also made from recycled and recovered materials. All the shoes are really very colourful and look really cool, in fact I would have a hard time just trying to choose one pair.

Although when you walk in, you just see row after row of shoes and you may think how will I pick a pair out, but each size has its own row, this makes it easier to choose.

I will definitely be getting a pair for the spring just hope I can choose just one!

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