Saturday, 29 December 2012

November - Books, Films and Concerts

The month of November passed really quickly and now practically  December is over, so here is what I read and saw last month.

I managed to see three films, first up is Argo starring and directed by Ben Affleck. I really enjoyed this film, it is very good and has you sitting on the edge of your seat. This is especially true at the end of the film where I was nearly shouting at the screen.

Then I saw the latest Bond film Skyfall, which I also enjoyed and I really like Daniel Craig as James Bond.

Then finally saw the last installment of the Twilight series, Breaking Dawn part 4. It was good to see the last part of this series and I did enjoy it, liked the ending dream sequence.

I went to one concert this month and the last of this year in Winterthur, Florence and the Machine. It was a great concert, she has a wonderful voice. Spector was the support band and they were also good.

I got through 6 books and nearly all of them were crime books for some reason. I will start off with only non crime book, called In Office Hours by Lucy Kelloway. Two women working in the same office have affairs, one with a younger guy and the other with an older man. I enjoyed this book it was quite interesting to see what happens to both women.

Tooth for a Tooth by T F Muir is a crime novel set in St.Andrews where I lived for a long time, I liked reading about parts of the town and other places in Fife. It was also a good detective novel featuring DCI Andy Gilchrist.

The Unluckly Lottery by Hakan Nesser, this time the Inspector van Veeteren is not in the novel as much as ones before, but still enjoyable.

A Room Full of Bones by Elly Griffths another in the series about Dr Ruth Galloway and solving a murder involving old bones.

The Forgotten Affair of Youth by Alexander McCall Smith, the 8th Isabel Dalhousie novel, she is a philosopher and sometime sleuth. She always seems to be asked to help other people solve their problems, their are lots of other characters which appear in all the books, her niece, her boyfriend/partner, her housekeeper. I enjoy these books.

Finally, Catch Your Death by Lousie Voss & Mark Edwards in this book Kate Maddox volunteers at a research centre to find a cure for a common cold. An accident occurs and the man she loves dies, she goes to America. 20 years later she returns to UK with her son on the run from her husband and she bumps into a person she thought was dead. A good thrilling book, which kept me gripped to the end.

Hope you have all had a great festive season so far!

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