Monday, 14 January 2013

St.Monans to Elie Walk

A trip back to October and the last day of the holiday we decided to go on a walk, we drove to St.Monans and parked at the church. St.Monans is one of the many lovely fishing villages in the East Neuk of Fife. There we met my sister Elena and her two boys Liam and Jamie and everyone got on their walking boots. It is just over 2 miles to walk to Elie from here, this is part of Fife Costal Path.

The tide was in so we had to walk through a muddy area at the beginning, but then got back into the right path. It was a cold but sunny day which made for dramatic photos of the sky and sea, it had been raining the day before so it was also a bit slippery.

Not far from St.Monans we came across the ruins of Newark Castle, a 16th century mansion, it did look a bit like scenes from a Bronte novel at times.

We were not the only ones to have this idea and we passed many people and their dogs out for a Sunday walk. The boys, my sister and father were always miles ahead of myself and my mother,  as my shoes were not the ideal kind walking in mud.

We arrived in Elie, which is also a lovely village and waited for the bus back, then we drove to Pittenween the next village up and went to The Cocoa Tree Cafe. There we all had some yummy food and I had my usual scone with clotted cream and jam. I had to get my fill as here in Zurich I do not eat scones at all.

It was a great walk, with fab views and always fun with my family, when Alessio and I return in Spring we will hopefully do some more walks.

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