Monday, 4 February 2013

Gruyeres Castle

We visited Gruyere Castle back in September, when we were returning from a long weekend Chamonix, the plan was to stop and visit the town. Then we decided to visit the castle too, and it is well worth a visit, with lovely views of the mountains and lake.

The first thing you can do is watch a multimedia show which gives the history of the castle and the town. It was very interesting and helpful to know a bit about the castle. The castle between 11th and 16th centuries was the home to 19 Gruyere counts, the last one to live there Michel delcared bankruptcy in 1554. The towns of Berne and Fribourg shared his lands. In 1938 the state of Fribourg bought the castle and opened it as a museum.

Then we walked through the rooms, everything looked well preserved even Alessio liked it. The garden looked lovely but unfortunately we could not visit it.

If we had, had more time it would have been nice to visit Lake Gruyere, so another time for that trip. With my parents coming again in September there will be lots of places for us to visit. Before that there is a trip to Hong Kong and Paris.

Have a great week!


  1. We were there in June 2011. Since it was a day trip, it was hard to choose the sights. We ended up visiting the cheese factory, walking around town, stoping for a lunch of fondue and then proceeding to walk around the walls of the fortress. Caught a glimpse of the lake and the church in the third picture. We wound up with a visit to the chocolate factory in Broc. Now, when I see your pics, I wish we had the time to visit the inside of the castle.

    1. Thanks May, it was a lovely castle to see, but still have to see some great castles in Germany.