Monday, 11 March 2013

Temples in Hong Kong

Man Mo Temple

Tin Hau Temple

Wong Tai Sin Temple

Hung Shing Temple

There are many, many things to do in Hong Kong and one of them is to visit the different temples. They are dotted around all of Hong Kong and there are many to see and explore, we only visited 4 of them.

Man Mo Temple on HK Island, it was quite busy so I did not go in to look around. As with all the temples everyone was waving incense around and the smell was quite powerful at times. This temple is dedicated to Man, the god of literature and civil servants and Mo, the god of war.

Tin Hau Temple in Kowloon, is in the district of Yau Ma Tei,  but was closed when we finally got to the temple. This temple is dedicated to 3 different deities,Tin Hau the sea goddnes, Shing Wong the city god and To Tei the earth god.

Wong Tai Sin Temple situated in Eastern Kowloon is one of the largest and busiest temples, and the amount of people who were there to worship was immense. It is mainly dedicated to the god Wong Tai Sin, but it also has Buddhist, Taoist and Confucian deities.

Finally Hung Shing Temple in Wan Chi, I came across it quite by accident, just walking along the street and there it was in between the shops. I did not go in as it looked quite small, but it was just as nice to peer inside.

It was certainly interesting to see all these temples, the architecture, statues and the people worshipping their gods.

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