Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Photo of the Week - Spectacled Bear Spectacled Bear, What do you see?

Alessio and I visited Zurich zoo on a warm sunny day in May, and there have not been hardly any of them believe me!

A lot of people have different views about zoos in general and in my opinion if the animals have enough space, can roam around and their environment looks like it would in the wild, then I think they are ok. Of course not all animals have large spaces, but the Zurich zoo I think is quite good.

After spending about 6 hours there Alessio told me we still had not seen the bears, so off we went to see them. There living space is quite large and we had to walk a bit to actually spot them, finally we saw one, a Spectacled bear. Spectacled bears are the only bears to come from South America, sadly like many other animals their future looks uncertain due to habitat loss.

Since it was nearly closing time we were nearly the only people to see him? walking around looking for food, it was really amazing to this bear. Then I noticed another one hidden in a den, it could have spent more time just observing them, but we had to leave.


  1. I agree, Zürich zoo is by far one of the best zoo I have been to in terms of animal welfare.Apparently, Basel zoo is quite good too although I have not been yet.

  2. My favorite thing to visit at Zurich Zoo is the Shoebill. Have you ever noticed it? Worth taking a look for sure!

  3. Hi, Allsion is the Shoebill a strange looking bird because if it is then I have seen it. It is certainly very interesting and scary at the same time.