Thursday, 6 June 2013

And Now For Some Wildlife in Scotland

For the Spring holidays Alessio and I went back to Scotland and on one of those days we did a lovely and memorable day trip to Incholm Island. To get there you go to South Queensferry to catch one of the two boats that offer this trip. The journey there was amazing and will post about that another time.

On the island if you decide to get off the boat you have 1.5 hours to expore this island and that is plenty of time. One of the highlights of this trip is to see the wildlife dotted around the island and the Firth of Forth, on the trip there we saw some porpoises, which I had never heard of before. They are smaller than dolphins, it was to hard to get a photo of them. On the island itself you can see many seagulls, I was not so keen to walk very close to them to I looked from afar. We saw 3 seals very near to the island, one was very cute indeed, then the boat came back and we started the return leg of the trip.

Then we saw lots of puffins, this was the first time I had ever seen this bird, they really stand out with their orange beaks. Then for me the best part of the trip was seeing this colony of grey seals, there must have been maybe 50 of them lounging on two large rocks.

I guess they are used to these boats coming by and stopping for a bit so all us tourists can snap away. Some of them looked up to see what was going on. They all looked so lovely with their cute adorable faces, then one of them decided to go for a swim. I must have taken lots of photos of his trip into the sea and watched him swim off. I could have stayed and just watched them, but they were not up to much.

I am quite keen now to see more animals in their natural habitats, will have to see if I manage to plan any trips with that in mind.


  1. They're all just gorgeous! Love the puffins a lot.

  2. It was just great to see all those lovely wildlife animals, now i want to see more!