Wednesday, 11 September 2013

A Museum and a Castle

One of our day trips from Copenhagen was going north to visit a museum and then afterwards to a castle in Helsingør. It was the only day of the whole week that is rained and I mean it really rained.

First we visited the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art which is situated in Humlebæk around 35km from Copenhagen. The main exhibition was by Yoko Ono Half- A-Show, I do not know so much about her and it was interesting to see what was on show, but it was still somewhat strange.

For kids they have all whole section for them which is great, Alessio really liked the lego and stayed for at least 30mins building things. On offer as well was painting, playdough and making lots of craft, there were people to help the children if necessary.

We then headed off to Kronborg Castle which is the setting for Shakespeare`s Hamlet known as Elsinore Castle throughout the world. The castle was transformed into an important Renassiance Castle in Northern Europe by King Frederick II from 1577 to 1585. It is on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2000, it looks absolutely magnificent and we only saw from outside, the courtyards and the underground area.

Once we had seen enough we wandered into the town of Helsingør, since it was raining pretty hard we went for coffee and cake. Then we had a look at the shops, it is a nice enough town to visit,  then decided it was time to head back to Copenhagen.

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