Thursday, 24 October 2013

Photo of the Week - Three Owls!

These lovely 3 owls come from the town of Pfäffikon in Kanton Zurich, in September with my parents we walked around the lake here and stopped off in Jucker farm ( check last post). I parked at the train station and we walked down to the lake, on the way there we had to walk down a really interesting street.

All the house were just lovely, full of bit and pieces in their gardens and I really like these cute owls! In fact I think this place might have been a shop but not quite sure anymore!


  1. I love how Swiss people decorate their Christmas sometimes their houses look like Hollywood movies! Some people use bought stuff but some others genuinely build their own decoration. This looks "home made" and it is lovely! Have a nice day

  2. This whole street had lots of lovely designs in their gardens, sometimes it gives you ideas or makes you feel creative to do something to your own place!