Saturday, 19 October 2013

Zurich Film Festival

The Zurich film festival finished on Sunday 6th October, I managed to see two films this time, the first one was called Filth by the director Jon S Baird. The film is from the book by the Scottish writer Irvine Welch, who also wrote Trainspotting. Luckliy for everyone at the premiere, we all got a chance to see the Scottish actor James Mcavoy and the director Jon S Baird.

Excitment abound while waiting outside the cinema for the black car to drive up and finally it happened all, his fans started screaming. I must say he really did spend a lot of time signing autographs and getting his photo snapped with fans. We took our seats and before the film started both guests came onto the stage for a short interview. I took loads of photos, but suffice to say will not be having a job as a paparazzi as most of the photos came out all blurred but some were decent enough to use!

The film is very good and would recommend it to everyone! For myself I liked hearing the Scottish accent, hearing Scottish words that I have not heard for ages and seeing parts of Edinburgh was great too.

The last film I saw was called Only Lovers  Left Alive, it was quite a strange film and not too sure I liked it. I thought it would be good as it starred Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton, but not really my cup of tea.


  1. I love the Zurich Film Festival but I think that the tickets are too expensive!! This year I only managed to see the documentary about Nan Goldin. It was very interesting but the following debate was only in German and I could understand a word. Part of the film was in German too (even if it was not specified on the program) so I was a bit upset :(

    1. Hello, yes I agree that 21ch is somewhat over the top, especially when the second film I saw was really rather crap! But the first one more than made up for it! I would have seen more but did not have the time and of course the money!!