Sunday, 13 April 2014

Another Walk from the Zoo to Forch

Viewing tower Lorenchopf

Tree tunnel

Strong man!

World War I Monument
Yours Truly!

Back in January Alessio and I did this walk from Zurich zoo to Forch, it is 11.5km and takes about 3 hours. As you can see from the photos the day started out rather overcast but by the afternoon it was lovely and sunny.

Nearly a hour into the walk we came to the viewing tower, we did not climb it but you would get some good views. We stopped at a very nice restaurant which was very busy as the day had become lovely, but cannot remember the name. Then we carried on with nice views of the countryside, seeing some horse riders too. Eventually we made our way to the town of Forch but before you reach it you come to a monument. It is dedicated to the Zurich men who fought in WW1, which is 18m high.

So all that was left to do was to find the train station and hop on a train back to Zurich! Hopefully soon we will get another walk in!

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  1. Great pictures.. as well for the weather. Definitely a great day to walk.