Saturday, 9 August 2014

A Day in Bath

Roman Baths

Bath Abbey

The Circus

The Royal Crecsent

River Avon

Pulteney Bridge

During our week long stay in England, we had a day in Bath. Bath is a very beautiful city and we all enjoyed our day here. The first place we visited was the Roman Baths which is a World Heritage Site since 1987. Once you are inside the complex you see The Great Bath which is quite amazing, surrounded by lots of Roman statues. Inside there is the museum with many of the finds from the Baths. You are also given an audio guide which gives more information and there is also one for children which helped Alessio to enjoy the Baths much more than just walking around.

The other part of Bath that we wanted to see was to do with Jane Austen, there is a centre but we did not visit it. The Royal Crescent is a magnificent row of 30 terraced houses designed by the architect John Wood. It is a fine example of Georgian architecture and in front of is Victoria Park, when we were there is was packed with people relaxing. Some scenes from the TV film Persuasion by Jane Austen was filmed here and also the film The Duchess.

Finally we walked down to the river Avon, over the Pulteney bridge and along the banks also very busy as it was such a lovely day. We were on a mission to find a playground for Alessio which we managed in the end much to Alessio`s happiness.

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