Saturday, 15 November 2014

Apple Juice Making

Here it comes!

Into the funnel and glass jar!

Freshly made apple juice

Shop to buy fruit and other stuff too!

One of the trips we did with the kids from work was to visit a fruit farm and see how apple juice is made, also to make some for ourselves. In Wädenswil we took the bus up and got some lovely views of the lake, once at our stop it was a short walk to the farm.

The farmer showed the kids which fruits they grow such as apples, grapes, plums and kiwi to name a few. Then it was time to get ready for the first part of the apple juice making. In field the kids had to pick up lots of apples from the ground and to make sure they were not bruised or just did not look nice! Then they put the apples in a crate, once the farmer said they had collected enough if was over the road and back the farm area again.

Then the kids took turns putting the apples into the machine and turning the wheel so the apples got squashed. Once all the apples had been used they were then pressed with a heavy block of stone and we could see the apple juice coming out.

It was amazing to see how much apple juice the kids made, then they each got a turn to fill up small bottles to take home. And of course to taste the apple juice after all their hard work! And yes it did taste very nice and they all loved it.

I have been on many trips with the kids and they usually always love to go somewhere and have fun. This was an especially good one as they got to see how apple juice is made and the many different processes it has to go through before they get the end product at home.


  1. Very interesting! A great idea for the next summer. Do you have to phone the farmer before coming so that he shows you how to make apple juice?

  2. Hi Violaine

    Yes I would phone to make sure he has time! As it did take up some of his time!