Monday, 3 November 2014

Zurich Film Festival 2014

The 10th Zurich Film Festival took place and as usual there were many celebrities to keep everyone  happy. Some of the famous people that passed through were Cate Blanchett, John Malkovich, Zach Braff, the cast of the film Northmen a Viking Saga, Diane Keaton, Hans Zimmer, Peter Fonda and Rene Russo amongst the many.

Getting tickets for the premieres which has the star and/or director appearing go rather fast, but I somehow managed to get tickets for Automata which starred Antonio Banderas. It was an interesting film and he talked a little beforehand to the audience. Then I also saw the new Liam Neeson film A Walk Among the Tombstones, it was also a good movie, but at times a bit gory! He spoke also beforehand and he spoke quiet softly it was at times hard to hear him.

Anyway it was fun to have a bit of Hollywood in Zurich, lets hope next year is also full of big names.

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