Monday, 22 December 2014

A Trip to Loch Leven Castle

Our transport to the castle

Kinross House

While in Scotland we did a lovely day trip to Loch Leven with the aim to visit the castle on a very small island. Our transport and actually the only way to get to the island was a boat which can carry 12 passengers. The day we went the water was a bit choppy and getting on and off, we needed to be careful.

Loch Leven is the largest loch of the Scottish lowlands and is a protected nature reserve since 1964. Once we arrived on the island we set about visiting the ruins, this is where Mary, Queen of Scots was imprisoned in 1567 - 1568. It is from here that she escaped but only to be caught later on and exiled to England.

There are some lovely views from the top of the tower and one of the views is Kinross House which is not opened to the public. It is a beautiful house by the architect Sir William Bruce.

Also on the loch is RSPB Vane Farm which is part of the nature reserve, we stopped by for a short coffee break and a look around. The loch attracts many different types of birds all through the year.

A visit to Loch Leven Castle is through Historic Scotland it does say that visiting is only in the summer months but we went at the beginning of October. I would guess that now it is closed but come summer again it is well worth a visit!

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