Monday, 23 February 2015

Locarno Postcards

Goodness where did February go, it has passed so quickly and quietly and I am looking forward to March, then April and my trip to Japan.

Backing up a bit to the Christmas period where I spent 3 days in the Ticino with my friend Natalie.  I have visited Locarno a good few times but never at Christmas so it was nice to see how this place looks like at Christmas.

The day started off rather grey and cloudy but by late afternoon the sky was beginning to clear and we could see the mountain Cardada which overlooks Locarno. The Lake Maggiore looked lovely and the sky had a tinge of pink to it which added to the overall loveliness.

We had a few apero drinks in the Bar Cantina which was closing its doors for the last time and a bit of Locarno history was ending. For me it was the first and last time, but for everyone else it was a chance to meet up and say goodbye. Everything was for sale and it looked like lots had been bought already, we returned later that evening and the place was heaving.

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