Monday, 14 September 2015

A Visit to the Aare Gorge

While my parents were visiting we had a day trip to Meiringen to see the famous Riechenbach waterfalls. I will post that another time, along with some photos of Meiringen. Once we had visited the waterfalls we had more than enough time to see the Aare gorge, which was not that too far away.

Once you have paid entry you walk a little bit to the entrance of the gorge, the whole walk is 1.4km and there are tunnels and bridge which make is it very safe. It would have taken us 40mins to walk to the exit at Innertkirchen. Then it is possible to catch a train back to Meiringen station. Since my mother did not come with us we only walked maybe 15mins, which was a shame as it would have been a wonderful walk.

The gorge is 1m at its narrowest point and 30m at its widest, there are sheer cliffs which are about 50m high. The river Aare over many many years has eroded the limestone and made these spectacular indents into the whole gorge. It is really well worth seeing and combining with the waterfalls made by Sherlock Holmes.

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